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27 October 2005 @ 06:58 pm
Woot! Let the countdown begin!  
Well lady's and gents. I have completley decorated for halloween. I even carved my first pumpkin of the holidays. I'll also be celabrating "All souls day" "Day of the dead" De los muertos" "Samhain" Ya know.... All that jazz. ^ _ ^ But i'm so overly excited i'm going to scream!!!!

But the 3 things i dread about halloween are these.

1) the blackcats are all targeted and injured missing or worse. That brakes my heart and i can't stand that.

2)People smashing pumpkins.. I HATE THAT!!!! leave peoples pumpkins alone! Fuck...

3)People messing with dead body, digging up graves, disturbing the resting places of the dead. People who try to raise zombies and do satanic rituals ETC. It just irks me. Just this week i founf two cases of beer bottles in my favortie cemetery and 4 tombstones had already been knocked over! God i was pissed. So i took the bottles out and turned them in at the nearest grocery store.

I love halloween. And even though sometimes the things that come with it make me want to cry. I'll never stop loving it! So get on your party hats and get ready for the hilight of the season!!!!!
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