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A harvest moon...

feels so right.

a community for the greatest season, Autumn.
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There are three months to autumn... september, october, november.If it happens within those three months, if the memories still linger, if you saw a reminder of this wonderful time, Share it. Come post. Tell us about it.


1) no racsim or sexism

2) no fighting or i will remove you from the community with a flame thrower. Got it?

3) keep the topics autumn related somehow.

4) no promoting

5) have fun
all hallows eve, all souls night, apple cider, apple pie, apples, autumn, autumn foliage, autumn gold, autumn leaves, autumn nights, baking, banshees, bats, black, black cats, blood, blue skys, bonfires, broomsticks, brown, camp fires, candy, candy apples, candy corn, carving, cats, cemeteries, cemetery, childhood, childhood memories, chilly air, corn, corn stalks, costumes, crimson, crisp air, crisp mornings, day of the dead, decorating, decorations, dracula, earth tones, elvira, evil, fall, falling leaves, fog, frankenstein, full moon, fun houses, ghost stories, ghost walks, ghosts, ghosts and goblins, goblins, graveyards, green apples, halloween, halloween candy, halloween collectables, halloween costumes, halloween decorating, halloween decorations, halloween goodies, halloween make up, halloween movies, halloween music, halloween pranks, halloween time, halloween treats, halloweenies, harvest, harvest moon, harvest season, haunted graveyards, haunted hay rides, haunted houses, hay rides, headless horseman, holidays, hot apple cider, indian corn, jack o lanterns, jackolantern, jewelry, kids, laughter, leaf piles, leaves, little children, make up, make-up, memories, midnight movies, monsters, moon, mummies, night, nighttime, nostalgia, november, october, orange leaves, orange&black, paper lanterns, paranormal, paranormal activity, pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, pumpkins, rain, recipes, red apples, samhain, scarecrows, scary stories, september, skeletons, sleepy hollow, spellbooks, spells, spiders, spirits, spook houses, spooky stories, stage make up, stars, stockings, straw, supernatural, thanksgiving, the great pumpkin, the headless horseman, the moon, tombstones, trick or treat, trick or treaters, tricks or treats, vampires, werewolves, wigs, witch craft, witches, zombies.